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Once we’ve finished your new tattoo, I’ll cover it with a dressing (dry-loc pad) and secure it in place with some cling film and micropore tape.

The dry-loc pad will stay on for up to 12 hours or before bed, whichever comes first. 
From this point on is where you’ll apply the tattoo aftercare, yourself.


After the 12 hours of maximum wear, or just before bed you will remove it with clean hands and dispose of it.

Wash it in the shower with warm water and a mild shower gel. I recommend Sanex 0%.
The dressing should absorb a lot of the blood and plasma from your tattoo, but there maybe some excess left on your skin.
It will appear gooey, black and slimy, this is normal for the first 24 hours after getting your tattoo done. 
Wash this away gently with your clean hand only.


Once it’s clean, gently pat the tattoo dry with a freshly washed towel.

It’s important you use a clean towel each time you pat your tattoo dry.


After drying your tattoo, let it breathe for 10 minutes in a clean environment. 
Now you will gently apply a very thin layer of moisturiser*

Hustle Butter, Palmer’s coca butter, Dream Cream (from Lush) or Aveeno moisturiser are popular for tattoos.

*please check allergens in whatever moisturiser you choose to use, if you have an allergy.

The skin will feel bruised to the touch and swollen, this is normal. 
Please do not saturate the tattoo with the moisturiser;

It’s better to use too little than too much so the skin can breathe.


Now you will apply the clean, extra dressing I gave you to take home. With the porous side touching your tattoo, you will hold this in place with cling film and then tape it to your skin to hold it in place (just as I did when you left the shop).

Leave this on for a maximum of 12 hours and repeat the cleaning process, as before.

You will not need to reapply any dressings from here on out. 
Gently wash the tattoo two or three times a day, dry and lightly apply the moisturiser as before.

If you work in a dirty environment, please keep clean and cover with cling film until you are home.


Over the course of the week your tattoo will dry out and become flakey, itchy and a little tight feeling.
This is perfectly normal and healthy.

Very lightly moisturise it with clean hands whenever it feels like it’s drying out, this should be every 4 hours or so.
As tempting as it is, please don’t pick, rub or scratch the scabs off!


Soon your tattoo will have shed the scabs and the skin will appear thin and shiny; this is totally normal, but please keep applying the moisturiser over the next few weeks and you’ll be nicely healed!


  • Stick to the suggetsed moisturisers (unless you have an allergy)

  • Keep it clean 

  • Keep it dry

  • Get in touch if you have any questions​​

  • Only once fully healed, apply sun lotion to keep your tattoo looking fresh

  • Enjoy your tattoo!


  • Use Vaseline based moisturisers 

  • Pick the scabs 

  • Wear tight clothing 

  • Get dirt or debris in the tattoo

  • Check online for help

  • Submerge or go swimming

  • Sunbathe or get sunburn on your tattoo

  • Apply sun lotion whilst your tattoo is healing 


  • Cling film (sold at all supermarkets)

  • Micropore tape (sold at any pharmacy)

  • Sanex 0% (sold at most supermarkets)

  • Clean dressing (given to you by me)

  • One of the following tattoo moisturisers…

-Hustle butter (sold online)

-Palmer’s cocoa butter 

-Dream Cream (sold from Lush & online)

-Aveeno (sold at most supermarkets)

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